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Purple Iris Communications is the content partner that every marketer looks for. We take care to unearth the ‘why’ behind your marketing initiatives. We let the answers shape our work.

Our content writing services enable you to create marketing impact and reach your business goals. We partner with both large enterprises and young and growing companies to establish and amplify your voice, inspire and provoke thought, engage with internal and external stakeholders, and spur the actions you want.

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Our Journey in Numbers

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Our Services

Our full breadth of services covers our clients’ need for integrated communications. We understand that your marketing messages across channels must be consistent yet nuanced. We also know there is no safety in sameness. Our writers love to challenge established conventions and keep your users excited and engaged.

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Thought Leadership Content

Thought leadership content has the potential to create differentiation for your brand in the market. Use content that is packed with new ideas and insights and corroborated by research to establish credibility and influence decision-making. But finding your voice is...

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Marketing Communications

Effective marketing communications is about finding the right fit between what you have to say and what your customers want to hear. In essence, it is about telling your story from the point of view of your customers. The success...

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Internal Communications

Strong internal communication is about informing, engaging and inspiring employees in your organisation to bring their best selves to work everyday. In recent years, as remote and hybrid ways of working have taken root, the importance of internal communication has...

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Content Consulting

Startups need to generate content that helps establish their brand and grow interest for their offerings in the market. As awareness starts developing, their content universe must evolve to fit the requirements of the next stages of a buyer’s journey....

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Communications for Fundraising

The social sector landscape in India is fast evolving, with new areas of opportunity emerging and philanthropic funding set to grow across donor types. A key development is a greater focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals by businesses...

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Top 5 Reasons Our Clients Love Us


The experience

Each of our senior team members has anywhere between 12 and 25 years of experience. Clients benefit from our cross-industry knowledge, writing skills and expertise in leading a variety of content projects.


The partnership focus

We aim to delight our clients each time. The result is long, trusting partnerships, some of which have lasted well over a decade.


Our learning mindset

We are learners first, writers next. The time we invest in reading, listening and discussing translate to clarity in thought and words.


Our diverse writing skills

Our team’s skills are adaptable to different client requirements – from deep, insights-driven thought leadership content to creative social media copy.


The outside-in approach

We combine familiarity of the client’s industry with an outsider’s view. The fresh perspectives we bring in are an asset to our clients’ marketing and communications team.


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