ESG Report Gets More Depth, Readability with New Approach

The Client

Our client is a global leader in Business Process Management (BPM) services, catering to clients across 10 industries for over 25 years.

The Problem Statement

As a public listed company, our client takes its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments seriously. The client wanted to relook at the way its annual ESG report was presented. 

The report would go beyond the statutory requirements and be: 

  1. A comprehensive document for its stakeholders on all ESG-related programmes and policies 
  2. An engaging and relatable narrative with a sprinkling of storytelling

What We Did

The Scope

As a content partner, Purple Iris Communications undertook the project to reimagine the ESG report and make it a powerful document. The primary objective was to tie the ESG report to the company’s vision, culture and impact created across the three ESG pillars.

  1. Conduct a competitor analysis of ESG reporting. Understand the expectations of internal stakeholders through intensive brainstorming sessions
  2. Pick a theme that is a reflection of the client’s vision and values around ESG. Reorganise the flow to fit the theme and storyline
  3. Convert raw files into engrossing copy complete with context setting and impact stories within 4-6 weeks

How We Did it

The Approach

Creating a New Structure

  • Conducted discussions with internal stakeholders including the General Counsel to understand expectations 
  • Analysed ESG reports of industry peers to understand gaps, trends and improvement areas
  • Presented the findings including potential themes to the client 
  • Collaborated with legal, HR and internal communications teams to identify topics and impact stories that fit the theme

Writing and Rewriting the Report

  • Set up a process aimed at: 
    • Quick turnaround of chapters 
    • Brainstorming and sharing of ideas on the go
    • Quality control (fact checks, language checks and tone and style consistency)
  • Organised a team of four writers/editors 
  • Conducted secondary research to beef up content 
  • First round of editing included peer review and supervisor review 
  • Second round of editing included incorporating client feedback and additional inputs  
  • Proofread the document after completion of layout design to check for language misses and errors in the layout and flow

The Value We Delivered

Key Highlights:

  1. Reorganised, rewrote and edited a 32,000-word document of 12 chapters in six weeks
  2. Conducted three rounds of editing and two rounds of proof-reading to deliver a zero-error report of 150 pages
  3. Collaborated with the client to brainstorm, address issues, offer advice and implement best practices
  4. Led the project and provided proactive support to take the load off the client’s team so they could focus on other priorities

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