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Startups need to generate content that helps establish their brand and grow interest for their offerings in the market. As awareness starts developing, their content universe must evolve to fit the requirements of the next stages of a buyer’s journey. From informative material to analytical pieces and persuasive content, a prospect looks for a variety of references before making a purchase decision.

But for most startups, content creation is a resource consuming exercise that they cannot prioritise on. The inability to keep up to the volume, variety and depth of content the company needs can directly impact its business. Infrequent blog updates and social media posts hampers how it drives traffic to the website and engages with its social media community. The lack of experienced in-house resources affects the outcome of marketing campaigns

Purple Iris Communications offers its services as content partners of startups and small and medium companies.

As content consultants, we work seamlessly with young and emerging companies to create content strategies and guide and advise in-house teams in project execution.

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