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New key terms associated with B2B content writing and content marketing can be confusing and sometimes even misleading. We have put together a glossary of frequently used key terms.

Head to our glossary of B2B content writing words and phrases if you are unclear about a meaning or usage.



Insights from data that is systematically collected and studied to drive business decisions. In the case of content, it refers to the gathering, evaluation and interpretation of data from websites, social media or digital campaigns to analyse the performance of a piece of content.


It combines an advertisement with editorial. It is a form of branded content that is published in a magazine or a newspaper that is promotional in nature but is written like an editorial piece.


B2B Communication

Communication that is focused on business-to-business or communication between business entities, as opposed to communication with end-users or consumers.

B2B Communication

Communication that is focused on business-to-consumer or communication between a business entity and its end-user, as opposed to communication between business entities.


A web log or a section that is part of a website that regularly updates and records an organisation’s or author’s thoughts and opinions on a topic, situation or event. Blog posts are generally centred on topics in which the organisation or author is considered to be an expert.

Branded Content

It is the content that is produced for advertising purposes. For branded content, a company could tie up with a media house that will publish it for a fee. For example, an advertorial that talks about a company’s new product launch.

Buyer’s Journey

It is the path that a prospect takes before making the decision to do a purchase. The journey is generally divided into these stages: awareness, consideration and decision-making.


Call-to-Action (CTA)

A short and catchy line that encourages a reader to carry out an action. CTAs are aimed at fulfilling the goal behind a piece of content. Common CTAs are “click here” or “buy now.”

Case Study

A technical document that brings out the business benefits of implementing a solution. A case study is often broken down into a short introduction about the client, the challenges the client faced, the solution the company offered and the business benefits the client received after implementing the solution. Case studies form an important part of technical sales and marketing

Content Writing

Skilfully written copy that is used for the purpose of business and marketing. Content writing takes different forms, from short social media posts, flyers and brochures, to long pieces of content such as blog posts, articles or white papers

Content Audit

It is the process of evaluating the relevance, strengths and weaknesses of content assets, especially those on a website, over a period of time. It helps you to understand the value that a piece of content adds to your website. Content that has not performed well can be updated or removed based on the results of the audit.

Content Asset

A versatile array of content ranging from brochures and explainer videos to case studies and white papers that are created for the purpose of supporting marketing initiatives. For example, a content asset for a landing page could be a brochure that interested users can download.

Content Calendar

A compilation of content topics and collaterals to be rolled out across different channels such as the website or social media according to a specific schedule. Some parts of a content calendar may be updated every month, and some other parts every quarter or year.


Dummy Copy

Dummy text that is utilised as a placeholder for your unfinished content layout.



The digital version of a physical book. It is usually produced in a PDF format that readers can read online or download or print.

Earned Media

It is the publicity earned in either traditional media like newspapers or TV or new media like customer reviews. There is no monetary consideration behind such coverage. Eg. a newspaper carries your company’s press release.

Evergreen Content

Content that will remain fresh and relevant to users for a long duration. It often refers to content on a company’s website, for example a how-to guide on improving the search engine ranking of your website.



Slang for a fake blog in which a company pays its own people or professional bloggers to post positive reviews or remarks about its products or services.


Guest Blogging

When a blogger collaborates with a popular website to publish her/his blog with the intention of increasing traffic to one’s own website.


Writing a blog, article or book that will appear not in the name of the actual writer but someone else. Ghostwriting gigs are extremely popular in the corporate world where professional writers are hired to write for senior executives.


How-to Guide

A guide written in the form of an e-book or a long article that is meant to explain how to execute a task through simple steps and instructions. A how-to guide may teach a user how to start a WordPress website or a newsletter with the help of text, visuals, animation or videos





Technical terms or acronyms that are used commonly in an organisation, industry or group of people, but something that is unknown to outsiders.



A word or phrase that summarises the essence or theme of a particular piece of content. Keywords are inserted in web content to attract traffic from search engines. For example, if a company provides e-payment services, its web content will be rich in keywords pertaining to that business. That way those searching for e-payment related information online will chance upon the company’s website even if they were not looking for that particular company.


Landing Page

A page on your website that is created to serve as the entry point for a specific section of your website. Landing pages are often created for lead generation campaigns and stay live for the duration of the campaign.

Long-Form Content

Pieces of writing that are lengthy such as an article, white paper or research report, as opposed to short social media posts



Short text updates that are done on a frequent basis with the intention of informing and engaging with followers on social media. A popular microblogging website is Twitter that accepts only 280 characters in a single post.

Marketing Collateral

A wide variety of marketing material such as brochures, flyers or case studies that are used to inform users about a company’s products and services, and promote the business



The art of creating content that features a famous breaking news to gain more traffic for the website.


A periodical that is distributed to a pre-defined audience, who may have subscribed to it. It contains the latest information and business updates about the company or the industry, and other elements depending on the target audience. A company could have internal newsletters for its employees, and external newsletters for its customers and partners. It may be a digital version or a printed copy.


Opinion Piece

A contributory article published as a ‘column’ in a newspaper, magazine or online publication by an expert in a particular field. For example, a chief people’s officer may publish an opinion piece in a business magazine with her views on the future of work.

Owned Media

It is the brand promotion that a company undertakes in its own platforms such as its website or social media channels. A company uses this avenue to produce and post content to promote its brand to its target audience


Paid Media

It is the publicity of a company’s content that is the result of a commercial understanding. Eg. a video advertisement on YouTube providing information about a company’s services.

Press Release

An official statement disseminated to the media to announce or give updates about a particular topic. Eg.announcement of a product launch.


Checking copy to spot errors in language or formatting that may have missed a copy-editor or writer’s eye. It is generally the last stage before a piece of content gets published.

Point-of-View (POV)

A POV is a document in the form of questions and answers or an article that articulates a company’s or its chief executive’s perspective on certain key issues that concern the company or its industry. For example, a POV may include the company’s stand on sustainability which then becomes a reference point for media interactions.




(Content) Review

Period review of a company’s existing marketing collateral and its website to assess the relevance of the content and update it to retain its freshness.

Repurposed Content

Existing content recreated in a different format to suit a different audience or purpose. For example, a white paper broken down and repurposed into smaller bits of information in the form of infographics for social media usage.



An abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to techniques a company uses to boost the traffic to its website and thus improve its website ranking on search engines.

Shared Media

Content produced by an organisation that receives engagement on social media. It could come in the form of sharing, liking or commenting on posts

Social Media Content

Content created especially for social media usage that is short, catchy and visually attractive. Long pieces of content are often recreated to suit social media


Target Audience

A specific group in the population that is highly likely to be attracted to your business or content. For example, a stationary shop’s target audience will be students.


The tone refers to the emotion behind a piece of writing that often reflects the brand’s voice. The subtle change of words can turn the tone from defensive to bold or from aggressive to confident.

Topical Content

Content that has a short lifespan. These are generally articles, blogs or videos created on trending topics that are expected to attract web traffic at that time. But as soon as reader interest wanes, there is no use for such content assets.

Thought Leadership

Opinion pieces written by individuals who are known for their authority in their field of work. A company or its executives aims to create thought leadership by publishing articles that inform customers and others on emerging trends and developments with the aim of influencing or shaping people’s opinion





Refers to people who visit your website or social media platforms.


White Pape

An informative report that throws light on a complex subject so as to provide readers greater depth of understanding. A white paper is aimed to persuade readers, for example to convince them to invest in a country, and may include views of industry experts who are seen as third-party voices who are not going to benefit from it or customer case studies


A type of content marketing strategy in which customers share their experiences about a business with their peers, be it verbally or on social media







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