Content Revamp Helps Elevate Brand, Create Market Differentiation

The Client

Valuebound, a company that creates digital platforms for user experience.

The Problem Statement

Ten years ago, the company began its journey as a Drupal web solutions provider. Valuebound gained prominence within a few years, with a rich body of work and high-profile global clients. The company’s capabilities grew in other digital technologies as well. However, its success in Drupal preceded its brand. The company needed to reposition its itself.

What We Did

The Scope

Valuebound roped in Purple Iris as a content partner for its website revamp project. The project mandate was to:

  • Help change perceptions about the company’s capabilities among different user groups
  • Position the brand among the leading providers of digital user experience
  • Be ready with new content for the entire website in two weeks

How We Did It

The Approach

A tentative website plan was ready before the project came to us. However, the new capabilities were not documented in the form of solution decks or case studies. With a short turnaround time and no resources for reference, we decided on the following approach.

  • Online research to understand the competitive landscape, and technology and industry trends.
  • Interviews with the CEO and COO to understand the company’s vision, the problems they are solving and their client expectations.
  • Staggered content delivery with continuous cycle of delivery-review-feedback incorporation to speed up the process.

The Value we Delivered

Refreshed web content that:

  • Brought out the company’s value proposition
  • Helped increase web traffic and user engagement significantly
  • Elevated the Valuebound brand in the market
  • Showcased its work ethos and growth environment to attract talent

What Our Client Had to Say

Purple Iris sets high standards for the work they deliver. We found the team to be brimming with new ideas, meticulous with their work, and flexible and easy to work with. We were able to meet tight deadlines because of the approach they followed and the clean copy they produced that required almost zero rework.

Abhijit Upadhyay, Chief Operating Officer, Valuebound Consulting Services LLP

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