Knowledge Assets Help PMI Strengthen Thought Leadership, Improve User Engagement

The Client

Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world’s leading professional association for a growing community of project professionals and changemakers worldwide. The PMI South Asia regional office is located in India. 

The Problem Statement

PMI South Asia creates thought leadership and research-led content with the objective of spreading awareness, creating influence and impacting the growth of the project management profession.

While PMI has research skills and subject matter expertise, the organisation often seeks our help to convert industry papers into user-friendly and marketable assets.

What We Did

The Scope

We have been the content partner of PMI South Asia (earlier PMI India) since 2009. Our wide scope of engagement includes creating whitepapers. We have either written whitepapers from scratch or reorganised and rewritten the content to give it a new shape, and meet PMI’s business needs.

  1. Bring out the business context, and make it relatable and useful to the reader
  2. Identify and fix gaps in the flow of information; sharpen the key takeaways
  3. Make each whitepaper a compelling read and a marketable asset

How We Did it

The Approach

Each whitepaper project needs a different approach. Here is how we collaborated with the PMIin-house team for three such projects.

  1. Playbook for Project Management in Data Science and AI Projects (co-produced with NASSCOM*)

An initial draft was prepared by the in-house research team. It was packed with data and insights, but the tone was too academic. We wrote an executive summary, rewrote other large sections, identified new material to add, and elevated the overall messaging.

  1. Whitepaper on Citizen Development

PMI wanted to create an insightful document based on industry interactions that highlights the potential role of citizen development for leaders.

We assisted PMI in finetuning the insights by creating a business document that can be used by leaders around the world. Our work involved sifting through recorded sessions, secondary research, and culling out insights and key takeaways.

  1. Whitepaper on Project Management Maturity

NEC Technologies India had approached PMI to co-develop a whitepaper on the basis of its findings on project management maturity in IT companies.

PMI roped us in for this project. We used the technical findings to draw out best practices and recommendations.

The Value We Delivered

Key highlight:

1500+ downloads within a few months from around the world of the Playbook for Project Management in Data Science and AI Projects

  • Strengthen the organisation’s thought leadership in the market
  • Support its business activities
  • Enhance user engagement across digital channels

What Our Client Had to Say

Purple Iris’ ability to convert raw ideas into a compelling story is a capability we do not see often. We have utilised this capability to benefit our organisation and our stakeholders.

Srini Srinivasan, Managing Director, PMI South Asia

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