For Here.. Or to Go

June 23, 2019 By 0 Comments

Chitra Dhinakaran

One universal experience is the morning cuppa. Coffee/Kopi/Kappi is a must have “elixir” for most of us. But coffee consumption is not limited just for the morning. It’s a beverage one has with family, friends, colleagues as well as clients. A great way to a great conversation.

Studies have shown the impact of morning cup of coffee on our energy levels. The list of antioxidants and other nutrients are well known.

I remember and, in some places, I still see the friendly staff serving the black potion at the café. Sharp and alert staff who ensure a timely refill. Fun conversation all around. But is this a slow dying experience? Are we too busy and limited for time to enjoy and relax over a good cup of coffee?

At times, we get engrossed reading the huge list of beverages on the big board behind the counter, trying to decide which one to pick. Detailed customisation of the coffee including decaf, skimmed milk/soy milk/almond milk/no milk. The options on sugar is manifold. The list is long. Precision is knife-edged.

No two coffees are the same now. Customisation is not just limited to the coffee but has extended to the cups too. Ceramic white cups got replaced by paper cups. Environment consciousness has now ensured that we carry our own cups. No two cups are similar looking anymore. And conversations? Has Coffee-on-the-go become the new mantra?

Inspite of all the changes, sourcing the right coffee or café still remains the key factor. Just like sourcing information. No longer is information sourced through just one morning daily. Instead, we access various mediums for the right information, skim through the unnecessary and the irrelevant ones , and collate those that match our needs and relevance.

Content is very important. Our elixir of information and knowledge. It’s the relevance and customisation which is the differentiation.

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